Seasonal Changes

Being sick on the second week of classes is NOT OKAY. I literally couldn't stop coughing, had severe sore throat, continuous sneezing, and I can barely breathe and talk. It is just pure nasty and horrible. I always blame this on weather changes. Yes, reality check, it is October and winter is bound to arrive. … Continue reading Seasonal Changes

Cafe Hunt: Le Quartier, Senopati

One of the perks of working in the same office as my mom is having varieties of good food for lunch. Today, we had to move from one office to another, and the one we're moving to just happens to be located very close to Senopati, one of the areas in Jakarta where lots of … Continue reading Cafe Hunt: Le Quartier, Senopati

A Reminder of God’s Promises

I've been secretly offline journaling since summer started last month, and I felt like sharing one on the blog today. Here's one from Bali. Bali was everything I could ever wished for. Blue cloudless skies. Deep blue water splashing against the rocks. Palm trees silhouettes. We started the journey into the city by watching the … Continue reading A Reminder of God’s Promises

#thoughtsoftheday 1. Trust Him

And if not, God is still good. Another rejection letter on the pile. So much easier to praise God when life is going your way, but it is so much easier to worship and humble yourself before Him when you don't get what you asked for. Whatever the results, no matter the circumstances, God is … Continue reading #thoughtsoftheday 1. Trust Him